Writing research papers: make an argument

When writing a research paper there is many different styles that you can use. One of the most persuasive, and fun to write, is the argumentative research paper. It is oftentimes pretty similar to the persuasive report and can certainly cause a great controversy to be created on a specific topic. But this is the whole point of the argument.

Writing your Argument

Writing an argumentative essay or report can be done as long as you have a topic that is arguable. You can select any topic within the subject the instructor that gave to you, keeping this note in mind, of course. To be able to write a good paper there re a few different things that you must be able to present in the paper. This includes:

  • In-depth knowledge. Your work should be something that requires information and research to answer rather than a simple yes or no.
  • How many different positions can be argued on this topic? You want to include this in the report, even if you are listing only a couple of sentences about certain views on the matter.
  • Evidence is needed to support the claims that are being made inside of the research paper. You cannot place opinions inside of this research paper.

Tips for Paper Writing

When writing the paper it is important that you take your stance and not be afraid to tell people what you think, even when it is an issue that you may be all alone on. The language that is used in the report should be expertly written and professional in style, and you need to believe in the words that are being written on that paper. Inside of the paper state the reasons that you feel the way that you do, and of course always address the opposing side of the argument in the paper.

Do make sure that you’ve given yourself plenty of time to write the paper also. The instructor gives you time for a reason, so make sure that you use it instead of trying to rush and complete the paper. Trying to do this will destroy the paper if you are not careful.

A good argumentative research paper will be complete and accurate and provide all of the reasoning of your side of the stance. It will address the opposition’s side of view while remaining professional.

Use this information when writing your report and it will be all that you want it to be.

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