5 Strong Historical Topics for a Research Paper

The best advice for writing any research paper is to choose a topic that you interests you. Even if you don't have all the information immediately to hand, you will be focused on your search for supporting evidence. If you choose a topic because you think that it may be the easiest choice, you may find that you struggle with the content and the research. Choose a topic that interests you and also challenges you to find out more than you already know.

Apart from choosing the topic you also need to show your research skills. You also need to show an awareness that there are many different sources of information about a particular historic topic that may actually conflict with each other. You need to show that you can differentiate between fact and hearsay.

When doing a thorough research for your topic you may also uncover facts that help put the topic into context. This is especially important as sometimes we do not actively process the information that we are given about a historical topic, we just accept what is presented to us in a text book or film.

You can look for local history topics that you can follow up with research through the local library and historical society, or you can search the internet to look for inspiration. There is a vast range of topics which can be very overwhelming particularly to the indecisive student. To write a paper that is remarkable you have to make sure that it interests you and that you can find enough information about it.

Currently the strongest history topics are:

  1. The Fall of the Berlin Wall. Historical and recent. This topic not only can provide you with historical evidence, you can probably add personal history to it too as there are many people who may have lived in Berlin prior to the wall coming down or people who still have relatives in Berlin. A personal interview (be a history detective), will add to your research skills.
  2. Russia Politics in the 20th century. This is a very interesting topic as a comparison can be made with the politics in Russia today. You could also focus on the Russian Revolution. There are several fictional books written about this era, how historically correct are they?
  3. War of Independence in America. This is well documented. There are also a lot of artifacts that support this topic. Why not focus on an artifact and build up the bigger picture.
  4. Post World-War II China. Focus on the Post War changes but also on the growth of China in world economy.
  5. The Rise of the European Union. Pick out the reasons for the emergence of the union. Research the growth and the decline of the economies of some of the member states.

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