How to Use a Sample Capstone Project?

Capstone projects are the lengthy projects that students need to finish before they are allowed to graduate from college with an undergraduate degree. They are smaller versions of the thesis projects that graduate students are often required to complete. The length and breadth of the capstone project will vary from college to college and major to major, but one thing is common: most professors will not provide samples for student use.

Reluctance to Share Samples Projects

The biggest reason that professors do not provide capstone samples is that they do not want students to cheat or turn in something similar to the sample. Capstone projects are the one opportunity that students have to show their knowledge and level of innovation in their content and with sample papers at their disposal, students often avoid creating something with their own formatting.

How to Find a Sample Project

If you do have a sample capstone project, there are a few useful ways to use it. The first is to look at how it is organized. While many capstone project assignments require students to include particular elements, professors rarely give instructions on how to organize those elements. Seeing a sample will provide some direction. Students can also use the samples to see how long the project should be and how to include the best information to support the project idea.

What Not to Do

Sample capstone projects can also act as tools to show what NOT to do. While you read through the samples, look at what is not there and what could be added to make the project more user friendly. Students should also look at how sources were arranged because students usually have to conduct some type of research in their projects. It is also a good idea to look how research pieces and other sources were used in the project. Many students are challenged with the steps to include research they have conducted in a smooth way. Students are also challenged by how to add visuals, like graphs and charts.

Graduate with Good Grades

It is unfortunately that many teachers and professors are so reluctant to share samples of completed projects. Teachers can help their students by showing what not to do in a project or essay. Students also benefit from learning how to properly write pieces like capstone projects and a sample project can be the difference between graduating or not.

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