List Of Good Writing Ideas For Computer Science Research Papers

Computer science remains one of the hottest degrees for undergraduates. From typical programming jobs to start-up businesses, this degree is in demand. Students who are starting this course of study, research papers can be a daunting task. To get a high score on a research paper, students must find interesting information, compile data and write a strong essay. In addition, students need to create unique topic ideas. For help with brainstorming ideas, students can look through the following list.

Top Computer Science Research Ideas

  1. The Ability of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks for Reinforcement Learning
  2. Using Object Recognition With Local Scale Invariant Techniques
  3. Using MapReduce to Simplify Data Processing in Regards to Large Clusters
  4. Scale Invariant Key Points and the Different Styles of Distinctive Image Features
  5. Signal Processing and Convex Optimization
  6. The Mathematical Theory and Engineering Parameters Required in Communication
  7. Is Artificial Intelligence Possible
  8. The Effects of Latent Dirichlet and Techniques for Classifying Documents
  9. The Upcoming Generation of Recommender Algorithms and Systems
  10. Breaking Down Large Scale Hypertextual Search Engines
  11. The Creation of the Semantic Web

Brainstorming Ideas

Students can use some of the previous ideas mentioned, or they can create completely new ideas. There are literally thousands of topics that students can write about. In the beginning, students should get a timer, a piece of paper and a pencil. After setting the timer for ten minutes, the student should write down any idea that enters their mind. Once the time is up, the student can go through these ideas and find specific topics that they want to work on.

If the student knows that they will have a research paper due at the end of the semester, they can begin looking for a topic early. While the student is in class, they can jot down potential topics that are brought up. The student can also browse their textbook to look for ideas or other topics. When finding a topic is difficult, students can look for example essays online. There are a number of websites that offer example essays for free, and these examples can be an invaluable resource.

Once the student has found the right idea, the student can begin to search for research that backs up their thesis. Since learning about the subject and compiling notes can take weeks, students should start as soon as possible. After the student is ready to start writing, they should create an outline to guide their argument.

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