A List Of Unexplored International Finance Topics For Term Papers

Leaving politicians to one side for now, bankers and global financial institutions are widely perceived to be public enemy number one. You might have been met with a series of raised eyebrows, or even laughed out of the room when you told friends and family that you were planning on pursuing a career in Banking and International Finance. Well, those same people might wish that they had been a little more supportive in the coming years because the frequently misunderstood world of financial markets is as highly competitive as ever. Employers are desperate for graduates with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Yes, it might be the suave risk-takers that grab the headlines for the wrong reasons. However, if you take the time to research the industry inside out, then you might find that you one day strike gold.

Due to the cut-throat reputation that International Finance has, it is unlikely that your fellow students will be wilting wallflowers, they are most likely assertive, possibly even aggressive at times. They will definitely be competitive and will quickly set the pace for the duration of the course. You need to rise to the challenge and vow to stay one step ahead of them throughout the course of your studies. That means thinking outside of the box; going the extra mile to seek out topics for your international finance term papers that will make your lecturer stand up and notice you. I have listed some topics that you might want to consider. The list is by no means exhaustive but might prove to be a useful starting point for you:

  • The Euro Crisis: explore the causes and solutions
  • Is a Greek Exit from the Eurozone inevitable or preventable? Discuss
  • Should China Devalue the yuan? Discuss
  • Is the liberalisation of emerging market economies detrimental to the global economy? Discuss
  • Explore the positive and negative implications of reforming the IMF
  • Explain how the gold standard operated in the classical period (1870- 1914)
  • Explore the extent to which Korea’s International Foreign Policy contributed to the Global Financial Crisis.
  • Explore the impact of the sovereign debt crisis in Italy and Spain on the global economy.
  • Explore ways in which China’s economic growth can be sustained and how this will benefit global markets.
  • The existing stress tests are not vigorous enough to prevent another global financial meltdown: discuss.

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