8 Vital Thesis Writing Steps

  1. Read extensively
  2. A thesis is a high quality piece of work and, therefore, you need to have a good understanding of what you wish to write about. By reading extensively you can help to give yourself more inspiration when it comes to knowing what will work well for a good thesis, as well as having a finer appreciation of what to include in your thesis itself.

  3. Think of a good topic
  4. As with any essay, when it comes to writing a thesis, it is essential to use a good topic to write about. Being such a highly skilled piece of work, that is generally only written by students at the higher end of the educational system, the need for originality is important, but so too is the ability to write a good piece of work based on this topic. Therefore, it is essential to find a good balance between the originality of the topic and the scope with which it enables you to write a high quality thesis.

  5. Plan the essay
  6. If you are writing a thesis then you have probably written many essays already before and shouldn’t need to be told this; however, it is so important that you plan and are prepared properly, that it is always worth mentioning it again. The best essays are prepared properly, so it is essential that the thesis is planned as fully as possible.

  7. Research the topic
  8. As well as reading extensively to give you an idea of what topics to write about and what will work best in the thesis, once you have picked the topic that you wish to write about you should then research it thoroughly. Use every means possible, which includes reading any relevant information, as well as information that might not seem directly relevant, as this can still help to provide you with ideas and inspiration as to how to create your essay. There are other means, such as interviews and surveys, that can also be carried out that may be of use.

  9. Write the first draft
  10. Once you have researched and planned a topic use, write the first draft. Remember though, this is only the first draft, so be as free to write as you wish as you will come back and make changes later on.

  11. Check over and write further drafts
  12. Having written the first draft, check over it and make any changes that you feel necessary. Be prepared to do this multiple times, as each time you write it, it is possible that you will find something new or you may find areas where you wish to make changes that you feel are better.

  13. Write the statement
  14. Once you are satisfied with the work, having written all of your drafts, you need to write the statement. This is an essential piece of the thesis and should be left to the end, once you know what to write about.

  15. Proofread and Edit
  16. Last, but by no means least, be sure to proof read and edit your work. The last thing you want to do is drop marks unnecessarily because you haven’t prevented silly mistakes that can be so easily rectified.

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