Effective Ideas To Come Up With Original Literature Research Paper Topics

The students writing a literature research paper should be clear in their mind that they are writing a research paper and not an essay. It means in other words, that the students are required to argue a thesis with reference to the literature they have produced.

The most important things:

The following are some of the most important things that you should keep in your mind while writing on such a research paper topic:

  • Make sure that you have chosen a well defined and a well thought topic along with a precise formulated argument.
  • Your approach should be very systematic in writing the research paper by following the standard structure and pattern for such a piece of writing.
  • You should produce very relevant and clear arguments which justify the entire research that you have done.
  • The secondary material that you produce in your writing should be discussed to the point and it should also be documented as accurately as possible.
  • You should know that writing is a process. You should revise it as many times as possible to make it look more mature and well structured.

Research paper writing approach:

The following should be your approach in writing a literature research paper:

  • Selecting the topic – You should select the topic carefully which should have good scope for research and that can also enable you to produce a lot of arguments. The following is a list of some of the hot literature research paper topics:

    1. The golden era of English history.
    2. A humanitarian perspective of aging and prosperity.
    3. The doom of the Mughal Empire in Indian sub continent.
    4. The spiritual angle of love in American literature of the 20th century.
    5. The difference between romance and sex.
    6. The importance of marriage in a relationship.
    7. The participation of females in politics.
    8. Why US literature is the best literature of the world.
    9. Why there is no cure for Aids.
    10. Why some people believe in God but some doesn’t?
  • Write an outline – The outline should be written for giving a structure to your essay.
  • Thesis statement – The thesis statement should be encapsulated in a couple of sentences which defines your research topic.
  • Body paragraphs – The body paragraphs comprises about 90 percent of your topic and they should be well organized. You should know where to paraphrase.
  • Conclusion – It should have a definite conclusion with your own perspective on the topic.

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