5 Tips for Writing a Great Research Paper Project

The thing about research papers is that they involve a lot of research, hence the name. Not all students are as good at research as the rest, and not all of them like it. It really affects your paper if you haven’t done your research, and your teacher will be able to tell how much work you’ve put in. If you follow these five steps, you’ll be well on your way to an easy experience for writing your research paper.

  1. Organize. This is always the first step to any project, but particularly a research paper project. There can be a lot of material involved, and you need to make sure that you always know where everything is or it will turn into a disaster. If you have to waste time finding something then you’re not being very efficient, and saving time is a huge deal when you’re on a deadline for this paper.
  2. Research. This will be taking up the majority of your time. Make sure that you don’t skimp out of reading one extra book or digging a little deeper for more information. You can always use more knowledge, and when it comes to general knowledge of a topic so that you can write about it, more is better.
  3. Write the first draft fast. Do this without stopping to reread anything, or wondering if it sounds any good. Just go, go, and go! Write without really thinking about it and the words that flow naturally from all your accrued research and knowledge. Once you have the first draft down, you can make it better through editing, but you do have to have that first rough draft done.
  4. Edit to perfection. This is where you make your teacher proud. Take the time to really make your words come together and make sense very clearly. Add in quotes and statistics from your research as well as any stories or funny jokes as appropriate. This is also where you fix all the grammar and spelling errors.
  5. Double check everything. This is just as important as the actual writing of the essay; if you accidentally missed a rule or a topic your teacher wanted you to incorporate, you’ll be cost marks for it. Always make sure a second (or third) time that everything is in order before you hand it in.

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