Health Research Papers: Choosing Formatting Style

What formatting are you using to create health research papers? Although formatting may seem like an irreverent issue, the proper formatting of the research paper will ensure the paper receives a high score. It is so important, in fact, it could even cause a pass or fail of the class.

How should health research papers be formatted? It is simple, actually. Take a look at the proper way to format your research paper.

  • References are necessary to document in a research paper. They should be listed in chronological order. It is imperative to list all of the references that have been used in the paper.
  • If a source has been referenced more than once in the paper it is necessary that endnotes be used.
  • Proper Spelling/Grammar/Punctuation is necessary in the paper. The first letter of names and abbreviations words, and all prepositions that contain three letters or fewer.
  • The research paper should list the last name of the author first, followed by their initial, the article title and the name of the abbreviated journal, article publishing year and the number of pages the document contains. To properly format this information use a semi-colon between each.
  • Health research papers should be double-spaced. The double-spacing should begin after the title.
  • Pages of the paper should be labeled. The number should appear in the top right hand corner of the page.
  • Document should be written in a word processing file such as Microsoft Word.
  • Use a staple on the left side of the paper to hold it together, or a paper clip, depending upon the preference of your teacher.

Before the paper is submitted ensure that it is ran through a plagiarism checker. This ensures that no content has been duplicated. Plagiarism is highly frowned upon, so this extra step is a great bit of protection needed to take.

Since you are using a word processing tool to create the document, take advantage of the spelling and grammar checker that is offered before submission as well. Even minor mistakes could cause the grade earned on the paper to greatly deteriorate. Using one of these tools takes just seconds of time but provides an array of benefits.

Choosing health research papers formatting style is simple as long as you stick to what is tried and true –and expected from your instructor. The above mentioned tips should be followed to create the research paper that will help you succeed.

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