A List of Good Term Paper Topics

Coming up with term paper topics isn’t difficult at all. There are several great sources to look into and they will give you topics, subtopics, and information to work with. You can literally knock out your research and reflection in one swoop. These sources are:

  • Textbooks
  • Online Encyclopedias
  • Newspapers/News Sites

We’ll go into each of these and see how effective they are in your research as well as pulling topics.


If your term paper is for a specific course then the textbook is one half of your research tag team (the other being online encyclopedias). The great thing about your textbook is that you can find a topic and all related subtopics right there. Just pick a subtopic or tackle the entire topic. You’re not tackling the subject, after all. As a matter of fact, taking on the entire topic—which would make up a decent sized chapter of your textbook—would get you through your term paper. Outside of finding information for you bibliography and maybe some citations, the text’s layout of the topic has your essay done.

Online Encyclopedias

These work in the same way as textbooks only with far more information. Topics are established as the main search query and the subtopics are there to make the topic digestible for the reader. You’ll want to take plenty of notes when using the encyclopedias as well as textbooks and be sure to note particular pages and sites in both cases.

Newspapers/News Sites

Newspapers are a difficult source to work with. They’re good for gathering information, but you really have to hunt when it comes to find a topic. Newspapers and news sites are great if your objective is to tackle current events then the newspaper is a great resource, but it’s nothing you couldn’t gather from online encyclopedias which would also link to the online news site as a source.

Remember; with all of these sources be sure to take notes. They don’t have to be extensive notes, just readable and they should mention specific pages if you use a book in your research. For those readers who simply want the topics, run with these general go to topics and do the research into them.

  • Abortion
  • Gun Control
  • Bioethics
  • Assisted Suicide
  • Cyberbullying
  • Same Sex Marriage
  • Marijuana Legalization

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