How to meet All the Requirements of a Research Paper Style? 

When writing a research paper, the style that a person chooses determines the way their message is received. The style of the paper is determined by the field of study that the research paper is on, the purpose of the research and the audience. The person writing the paper also sometimes influences the tone of the paper. The following are some of the writing styles and what they entail.

Analytical research papers typically consist of four parts. The introduction tells the reader about what the research paper will be discussing. Most topics have some sort of argument, and the introduction states this argument. Next is the analysis, which is a detailed description of the events being discussed. Here, the research paper writer shows how the argument stated in the introduction comes about. What distinguishes analytical research papers from the rest is the personal response part. This is where the research paper writer shows their deeper understanding of the topic, giving their stand on the argument and supporting their sentiments. The conclusion then presents a relation between the analysis section and the personal stand.

A critical research paper is related to both the argumentative and analytical types but slightly different. It has an introduction that the research paper writer uses to state their stand on an argument. After that they support their argument with solid points in the body part of the research paper. It is like a journey, where the research paper writer takes the reader through their position, giving evidence, explanations and examples. The conclusion is a recap of everything, giving the reasons and consequences of the line of thought the research paper takes.

Argumentative research paper is a validation type research paper. This is where the writer has an opinion or stand on a topic that elicits different reactions among many people. The point of the argumentative research paper, therefore, will be to prove that the point held by the writer is more potent than others. These research papers are meant to change people’s minds so the writer must consider their audience when writing. They must set a stand, defining it clearly and supporting it with solid evidence. The argumentative research paper must not just show why the writer’s stand is the best but also why others fail. The argument must be based on well explained advantages and disadvantages. The structure must also be convincing and keep the reader glued and leave them convinced at the end. They typically contain an introduction where the writer declares their stand. After that in the next section they support their stand with evidence. This section also normally contains refutations. These are differing opinions of other people that the writer disagrees with and why, then the conclusion.

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