A List Of Original American History Research Paper Topic Ideas

If you are lacking inspiration on what topic to choose for your American history research paper, you are definitely not alone. A lot of people feel like a trapped mouse when it comes to researching and coming up with a good topic for their history term paper. The first helpful tip is to ensure that the topic you choose is one that thrills you because that is the only way you will be able to write a paper that will excite your readers or audience. So, listed below are some interesting topics that will make the journey less stressful for you and also help you to write a great paper.

They are:

  • How did Native Americans come to keeping slaves for domestic purposes?
  • The slave trade – how and when it started in U.S.
  • The coming of the Europeans to U.S. – Why and When
  • What brought about the issues between the colonist communities and Native Americans?
  • The America of today and America of then – what has changed?
  • How did the American Revolution start?
  • What role did African Americans play in the American Revolution?
  • What factors led to the rise of the civil war in U.S.?
  • In what ways did the slaves benefit from the U.S. civil war?
  • What were the amendments made to the American constitution with the end of the civil war?
  • North and South America – Analyzing the impact of the civil war
  • As a world super power, what are the sacrifices the Americans had to make to get that far?
  • At the time of the civil war, who represented the African Americans in the South?
  • World’s present human rights structure – What are the contributions of President Lincoln
  • The use of the atomic bomb – A justifiable necessity?
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal – Success or a Failure?
  • Hurricane Katrina – The costliest hurricane ever
  • The 18th Amendment – Why it failed in minimizing the use of alcohol in America
  • The Great Depression – Are there lessons learnt?
  • The American civil war – Could it have been avoided?

Now you have something to work from as far as American history research paper topic ideas are concerned. A browse through the internet will also give more ideas and inspirations. A look through your past papers might also give you fresh and original ideas on what to write.

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