Term paper Hints: conducting a solid Research

Conducting research is an essential part to writing a successful term paper. Conducting research takes time and patience if done correctly and can lead to results that will make for a well supported paper. Research is the backbone of a paper that makes an author credible and their work meaningful.

Start with a topic

To start conducting research, a topic must be chosen first. This involves starting with a general topic of interest and gradually making it more specific The topic should be specific enough to be unique, but general enough so there is enough research to support the claim or argument of the paper.

Make the library your new home

The library is a researchers most important asset. Not only is there a seemingly endless amount of material to chose from, but there are librarians there to help guide you towards finding useful research. Look through the databases of the library and read summaries to see if the material is suitable enough to give a consideration to the book. After finding as much material possible, take notes on each book and piece of research. Early bibliographic notes means less time spent later writing a reference page for the paper and it also helps keep material organized and easily referenced back to. There is never a thing as too many sources to chose from. Don't be afraid to take a look through something that seem relevant to your paper. Many references means many sources and they can be disregarded as the paper becomes more developed and ideas change.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

Ask librarians about their online databases for quick research through academic journals. Many libraries offer full databases of academic journals with useful research. These articles can be printed and sorted for later reference and also highlighted for quotes and useful information. Many of these articles also reference other books and sources that might be useful as well.

Double check references

After finding enough sources and limiting it down to the essentials, make sure the sources are reliable and not dated. Older material can be proven unreliable, especially older than 10 years as times change and information changes. Using outdated information can lessen the credibility of your paper. Once checked and sorted, you are ready to insert the research and chosen quotes into the paper and continue writing and revising the paper based in said research. Research can be challenging, but given enough time and patience can prove useful and lead you to a successful paper.

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