How to Compose an Amazing Introduction to a Research Paper

The way that an introduction for a research paper is written can make your grade or break it. The very first words that are written set the tone for the entire rest of the paper. It has a dual purpose of both informing the reader about the subject of the paper and hooking the reader so that they want to read more and find out what else has to be said. In that first paragraph you have to introduce your theme as well as the research and your argument. Here is a good way to accomplish that.

  • While you must include resources do not bog your paper down with them. Have at least 5 but no more than 10. Use websites but only ones that end in .org, .gov Make use of library databases such as ProQuest or Ebscoe. Never, NEVER use Wikipedia as a source. Wikipedia pages can be written by anyone regardless of their knowledge of a subject. For that very reason, it should never be referenced.
  • Write your thesis statement. This is what the paper will be about. It should include what you intend your stance to be with your research. In the thesis you should make at least 3 arguments that support your thesis. Do not use more than 5 though.
  • Using your theme as a guideline, write the outline for the paper. This is not a set in stone format at the moment but if you use the arguments that you will make as your bullet points then you will be able to keep your mind and research on track when researching and writing your paper.
  • In the introductory paragraph your theme should be the first sentence while at the same time being different from the thesis statement. Avoid redundancy.
  • Where you put the theme in your introduction is important. Sometimes it will work best in the first sentence but not all the time. The writing should flow smoothly. When you have written it read it aloud. If it doesn’t sound right then move it around until it does.

Those are all of the things that you need to do in order to make an amazing introduction for a research paper. The beauty of it is that these steps will work with any type of research paper, essay, term paper, thesis or dissertation. Follow the steps you found here and everything will fall into place.

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