Writing Term Papers: using Citations

The purpose of a term paper is to present a problem, the solution to that problem and how that solution was attained. At the end of the term paper you should place citations, or lists of references and sources that were used to gather information for your paper. The standard style of writing, APA style, indicates that citations should be used at the end of the term paper.

Your Special Instructions

Before you start writing your paper or citing anything make sure that you check with the instructions of your paper for any special notes or desires. No matter what the standard may call for you always want to follow the exact instructions of your professor to make your paper stand out as an impressive sheet in his mind. If there are no special instructions for citing then you should stick to the APA style of handling them.

In Text Citations

In text citations can also be used inside of a term paper, although students should choose one or the other rather than alternate between them. There is a certain style in which to include in text citations as well as those on the end of the paper as well. It is important that style is followed accordingly.

When you want to use a citation in your paper, a superscripted numeral should be placed by the area that you want to cite. This numeral is also known as a footnote. Next place the author’s last name, followed by their first name. The name of the paper is the next section for your paper, and you want to put these in quotation marks. Next comes a description of what the paper is and where it was written with the date in parenthesis.

End of paper Documentation

For end of paper documentation, start with the last name of the author, followed by a coma and initials of the author and a period. The date of the manuscript should be added in parentheses and the title of the paper in italics.

Citing your Work

When writing your term paper it is a must that you always cite the other works that you have used. Not only is this a requirement of the writing standards, it is also a great way to build credibility to your paper. Make sure that you’re always citing the works that you use!

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