Free Research Papers Is Something To Stay Away From

There is something intriguing about the word free. Whenever you are walking and passing a shop with the word free you are naturally drawn to read more. Likewise with a website or printed article, the word free tends to leap out at you and attract your attention. So if you are a student and need to complete a research paper by a certain time, if you see a headline which talks about free research papers, this article comes with a warning. Free research papers should be avoided like the plague.

But who can argue with the price?

Nobody can argue with the price because it is an absolute bargain. You are getting a research paper and not having to pay a cent. Ah, but what type of research paper are you getting?

There are many aspects to a research paper including the following.

  • answering the question
  • following the formula
  • listing the quotations
  • avoiding plagiarism

It should be obvious to every student that the teacher or tutor who will be reading and grading your research paper did not come down in the last shower. They will have set the topic for your research paper or will have approved the topic you have chosen. The first thing that the person reading your research paper will be looking for is relevance. Does the research paper answer the question? Does it address the topic? Obtaining a free research paper is almost a guaranteed way of not answering the question, of not addressing the topic.

There will be a formula which is required for the layout and presentation of your research paper. If by chance the free research paper does follow the formula, you will have avoided a total failure. But the likelihood of this happening in all aspects of the formula is very rare.

In creating your research paper you will have read a number of articles be they in books, magazines or online. You will be required to list these references and notate the quotations in the acceptable way. A free research paper is highly unlikely to have done such a thing. Another reason to avoid such papers.

You are getting a pig in a poke when you accept a free research paper but there is one aspect of that paper about which you can almost be certain. It will not be original work. It will not be plagiarism free. It will be a copy of someone else's work, most likely an exact copy. This and the other reasons should make the message loud and clear. Stay away from free research papers.

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