How To Write A Research Paper Methodology Section: Guidelines And Example

The research methodology is a very important part of the paper that you are writing. There are so many students that take it for granted, only to come and regret their choice later on. One of the most important things that you need to know about this section is the fact that from time to time there are some lecturers that will skip to this section after reading through your introduction, in order to understand whether or not you did the paper on your own. More often than not this is the one section where cheating students are caught red handed.

The methodology is a theoretical section in the paper which is aimed at analyzing all the methods that you used during the course of your research in order to come up with a very good paper. In this section, you are supposed to have a theoretical analysis of all the principles that you worked through when writing the paper. Herein are some guidelines of how to go about this.

Let’s take an example of a situation where the paper you are writing is supposed to be a survey. If you are writing a survey, the research methodology section is supposed to have the content of a survey.

This means that you need to have data collection methods, procedure and jot down how you went about the entire procedure. It is important for you to ensure that you can do this, because when someone is reading through your paper, they need to see clearly how well you thought through the paper.

Provide a step by step analysis of how you worked your way through some of these stages, so that it is clear, and leave nothing to chance. In the event that you have used things like survey questionnaires and obtained any information from them, make sure that these are included in the paper. If you cannot include an excerpt in this section, make sure that you have it in the appendices and reference it appropriately in the paper.

Someone who is reading through this paper does not need to struggle to find the content that you have included in it, and it should pretty much be easier for you to give them the directions through your paper.

Follow these guidelines and you will no longer have to struggle with this at all.

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