Research Paper Writing Help: the Literature Review Section

What exactly is the literature review section?

A literature review section will, in general, analyze an important relevant segment of an already published body of work. This analysis will take the form of comparisons with other works as well as providing a summary of what has been written.

In general, a literature review section should contain the following three areas:

  • The introduction
  • The main body
  • The conclusion

The following will help to give an understanding of what should be included in each of these sections.

What to include in the introduction of a literature review

For the introduction of a literature review that you are writing, you want to set out any arguments that you’re making as well as the main views that will be discussed. In this section, you can include what you expect to find as a result of your review and any other necessary detail that will help the reader to understand what you’re getting writing about and, therefore, what they can expect to read. Obviously, you don’t need to go into a massive amount of detail as this will be saved for later on in the review.

What to include when writing the main body of a literature review

In the main body of a literature review, this is where you set out your findings and include any arguments you want to make. You can elaborate on these arguments and use comparisons with other works to support any points that you’re trying to make. It is good chance for you to make any classifications of the published body that you are writing about. Ultimately, the main body of a literature review, much like many other styles of essay, is where you will be including the bulk of your information. This is where you’ll be setting out the main points that you wish to make in as persuasive and informative a manner as possible.

What to consider when writing the conclusion for a literature review

The conclusion of your literature review will pull the whole article together. It will use the reasons and arguments that you set out in your main body to come to a final decision and conclusion - as the title would suggest. You don’t want to be introducing any new arguments in this section as they should be included in the main body, rather, you are referring to any arguments you have made so as to back up any conclusions that you make.

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