Even is not Always Best

Biggest property of a person is the passion that increases with an optimistic attitude. The same positive thinking gives birth to confidence which is essential for success. History is evident of the incidents were successful even personalities, end up with disasters. Take an example of Air Midwest Flight 5481 which crashes near Charlotte, North Carolina on January 8, 2003. Crash investigators finalize that a technician fails to carry out his inspection properly and resulting in to this mishap. Why does a technician fail to ensure his daily inspection steps? The answer is complacency because a technician after numerous inspections take this activity for granted and begins to slip the maintenance procedure due to familiarity.

Routine tasks not often require improvements. Repetition of tasks and assignments made them less appealing and unconcerned. Excessive practice brings rigidity in evolving the process and procedures. Life is the second name of origination. Even life style mundane a person from the beauty of life. Similarly, success is a destination decided offset than the normal continuity of life. There are always lesser celebrations for winning easy goals. Students in the habit of practice learning, once master their art start losing their focus and get distracted. Similarly, in the presence of predictable learning, students may be unclear about the skill which they are supposed to master. However, occasionally and aim full practices ensure proficiency and stability in students.

All great personalities of the world are groomed through their own continuous altering situations. They would not be known to the world if they could manage smoother lives. The success obtained through hard work and honesty would always be a celebration. Sometime people say it to be a dual nature of the mind's perception.

Consider an example of a glass, it can be half full or half empty depending upon the view of perception. Similarly, good or bad is always reliant on what is preferable or not. In the same way, non dual perception will treat “good and bad” in the same way depending on which side of the coin is desired. Yes, or no type questions cannot be satisfied with similar kind of answers. Positive and optimistic thinking, no matter how constant and consistent they are, would always stand among the best.

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