Math research paper: what to know about formatting

There are many ways to format a paper. A research paper on mathematics has specific format and guidelines. These include rules on how to write a proper title and display sources and information.

Before writing

Structure is important to communication which is the main purpose of the paper. It is the job of the writer to communicate the truth of the mathematical statement being proposed in the paper. You must convince the reader of the success of your results and allow the reader to appreciate the ideas presented in the paper. Before writing, considering other research and if the author's research strengthens any other previous research or if the results contribute to a bigger question in the mathematical community.

How to write a title

The title of the paper should be brief and focused. The title should summarize the central point and usually have a subtitle detailing the point slightly further with a question.

The first paragraph and body

The first thing that should be stated is the focusing question. If this changes at all, the new question should be stated as well. What should follow is the introduction where it directs the reader to what the subject of the paper is about and briefly explain the research and exper,ience involved in the project. The rest of the paper should be the body where you expand on your focusing question and introduction and display equations, graphs and diagrams.


In order for the reader to know if your paper suits their needs, an abstract is needed. This is the shortest part of the paper and only needs to give the reader the impression of reading the first page of your paper. The abstract should include brief, basic information about your paper. They may or may not include results. So you can not format your paper? Ask an expert today.


The conclusion should explain what was learned from the research and work involved in the paper. This leads into the discussion where there is speculation. There is speculation about the results and the meaning of the paper. More conclusions are drawn from the results as well as new hypotheses.

Writing a mathematical research paper and require specific formatting and rules. The author must first state what he is trying to prove, how the research contributes or connects to other research in the mathematical community. The author must explain his research and display graphs and data that lead them to the results and then discuss the results and how the focus question changed and discuss.

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