Writing a business term paper: creating a catchy introduction

When writing a business term paper the first thing that you must do is capture the attention of the reader. They’ve come to learn something through your paper, and it is your job to ensure they want to continue reading to hear what you have to say. Not only should the introduction be attention-grabbing, it should also be written according to a specific structure and using specific criteria. When you write a catchy introduction you can be certain that your business term paper will get the grade and the attention that it deserves.

What is the Introduction?

The introduction is the first paragraph written in your paper. It details what you will talk about in the paper, highlighting important facts and information. The introduction should be convincing and interesting so that the reader will want to learn more. In addition the introduction paragraph should point out the thesis of the story.

Without the proper introduction your business paper is doomed for failure. The introduction helps a reader decide whether or not they will continue to read what is being said. Thus, taking the time to prepare a good introduction is an absolute must.

Before you write

Before you start writing the paper it is essential that you conduct your research. You should be knowledgeable in the subject before you start trying to write. Things are just easier that way. Put yourself in the shoes of the reader. Ask yourself what you want to know.

Writing your introduction

After you write the introduction ensure that you read it back to yourself at least once or twice to make sure that it sounds the way that you want for it to sound. Having a friend or someone else look over the paper is also a good idea.

Keep in mind that you should follow all of the proper formatting for the paper. This means that you should use Times New Roman 12 pt. font unless otherwise specified, and that you should use double-spaced lines throughout. The introduction should be three to five sentences in length; no more and no less, unless specifically requested to write more.

Your catchy introduction is the start of a good paper. It takes such little effort to produce a quality introduction that leaves readers yearning to learn more, so make sure that this time is taken. You will love the results of your catchy introduction when these steps are all followed.

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