Science Term Paper Help: Describing Empirical Results

When writing a science term paper, do not expect for your friends that are in English classes to understand what you are meaning.

The word “empirical” is part of the scientific method. And usually in labs across the world, at some point, a teacher will ask for you to write a paper about it.

Here are some ways to describing empirical results:

Establish what the experiment is about:

When describing results from an experiment that was done with the scientific method, establishing what the experiment is about helps the reader get into the mindset for what they are about to read. For example, if you conducted an experiment to see how crystals are formed using a certain chemical then describe that so the reader can understand it if they are not in the science field.

Include the hypothesis:

The hypothesis is the prediction that someone will make about what will happen in the experiment and then discuss it after revealing the data that was discovered. If the writer does not include it, then how will they know what was trying to be discovered by doing the experiment in the first place? Always put the hypothesis in the paper in the introductory paragraph where normally a thesis would go.

Revealing the data:

When writing about the data, keep the average man in mind. While he will see percentages, for example, make sure to explain what that percentage means. For example about the crystals, describe what percentage or amount of a certain liquid you used in your experiment in order for them to know what was all included in the experiment.

Explaining why it matters:

Remember the hypothesis that was written at the beginning of the paper? That is typically the first sentence in a explanation paragraph of a science term paper. Again, the reader needs reminded about what the experiment was trying to prove. Then explain the why or what it means part. Why did you use these two liquids to make a crystal? Did it work or why did it not? When doing the explanation section, if you have any research that you feel would back up your hypothesis of why it happened, then include it in this section as well as what method you used to make the crystals for example such as a Bunsen burner or did you let it sit out. The more details that you felt were part of the experiment the better.

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