Writing a Term Paper on Euthanasia

Any assignment you receive has its positives and negatives, pros and cons. You are given a topic that must be researched and analyzed. You are tasked with drawing conclusions based on your data. You are required to develop and support a specific point of view based on your research and your core set of values. A majority of the time the topic is one that creates contentious debate and dissent. You must overcome that and present a clear, concise, thoughtful, and factual argument in your essay. Euthanasia is an example of one such topic. This is the practice of humanely ending a patient’s life with the use of medication. It is essentially assisted suicide.

As you begin your writing, you mutt grasp the wide range of feelings that euthanasia will reveal both in you and in any potential reader of your term paper. Your research will expose a litany of different opinions, texts, articles, and books, none of which are emotionless. Your own opinion on euthanasia will be passionate. You must keep this in check as you begin writing your term paper. You need to discuss the history of euthanasia in the United States. You can also look to other countries to discuss the legality of the practice and its application. You may decide to write on a broader theme of the morality of the use of euthanasia. You may incorporate religion, the law, and politics into your discussion. This term paper can be a simple statement of facts and occurrences or a more contentious presentation of a specific point of view.

One thing you will discover as you analyze euthanasia is the number of facts, statistics, and case studies that are available for you to draw upon when creating your draft. There are numerous cases in the United States where the issue has been debated by doctors, lawyers, and layman alike. Of course, the most famous is Dr. Jack Kevorkian. He was a strong advocate of the use of euthanasia. He utilized this procedure in his practice with many patients. You must analyze his decision and weigh the pluses and minuses of his actions. You can also review other specific individuals who have faced this tough decision. They will provide you different points of view concerning ending the life of a terminally ill patient. The amount of material can be overwhelming. You need to be precise in the direction of your term paper with a detailed and organized outline.

In the end you need to make a decision. As you read through all of the material, you may become swayed to one particular point of view. You must firmly state that point of view and support it with facts and evidence. Do not disregard the opposing point of view, show it the proper respect and placement in the term paper, but present your conclusions in a thoughtful and coherent manner.

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