Introduction Paragraph of Your Research Paper Should Shine

How many people are in your class? How many classes does your instructor teach? Let’s be conservative and say that there are only 20 people in your class. We will also be conservative and say that your instructor has 5 different classes each week. That would mean that in a week, with a research paper assigned to each class, that instructor must read and grade 100 research papers. Considering that your instructor has probably been teaching for at least a few years, how many research papers do you think that he has read on the same subject? That sounds awful doesn’t it? Would you want to have to do that?

To Be Good or Not To Be Good

It may have gotten to the point where your instructor has gotten to the point where he can tell if a research paper will be good or not just from the introduction paragraph.

Either way, if he has or if he hasn’t gotten to that point you need to really make your opening paragraph just leap off the page and drag the reader in. Ask them questions, get them hooked and make them want to read more so that they can find out the answers to those burning questions that you posed.

Pay Attention

The art of a good introduction paragraph is not that difficult. If you pay close attention in the class that your research paper is due in, you will notice that your instructor will seem more excited about certain topics than others. If you can pick up on that and remember to use something related to that in your research paper then he will automatically be intrigued and want to read on to see what you have to say about it.

Even if this class seems to be the most boring one that you have ever taken there may be at least one thing that you yourself find interesting…even just a little bit. Writing about something that you are excited about can really make a difference in the writing style. It will be easier for you to research and write and it will actually turn into a more interesting research paper than one a=would be if it were about something that you have no interest at all in.

Whatever you happen to be researching, just make sure to write the introduction paragraph as enthusiastically as you can to hook the reader.

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