A Term Paper Writing Manual: Including Relevant References

The term or research paper is an effective way to teach and convince readers about many different subjects. One of the hallmarks of the term paper is its research, typically collected from several resources and later interpreted in the paper to express the writer's thoughts about said subjects.

While many resources stress the importance of writing a research paper, most writers should arguably learn more about citing their resources. Including their relevant references not only credits the actual sources of the information that they used, but it also reflects well on the writer who credited the resources in the first place.

Including relevant references

References, technically known as citations for term papers, simply state a brief 'reference' to the original source of previously published or inferred information. This information is typically listed in proper bibliographical format, which allows readers to follow through and view the original source themselves.

The most important part about including relevant references is citing them properly. In other words, many instructors and academic resources stress the importance of including the right, up-to-date information on cited resources. This is important to ensure that readers don't have to worry about following inaccurate or improperly cited information.

What to include

For term papers, there are several different resources that a writer can reference. These resources are books, articles and electronic resources, such as websites.

Book citations are the most common, and are mainly characterized by their place of publication and publisher. Their publication date is typically listed by the year.

An example of citing book references is as followed: Doe, John, F. The Example Here Book. New York: Example PUB, 2014.

Article citations cover articles published in many periodicals, such as newspapers, magazines or academic journals. They're typically characterized by their titles, the title of the publication, the publication's volume or issue number and their printed page number.

An example of citing article references is as followed: Doe, Jane, D. “Presenting An Example Article.” Example Articles Weekly 2 (2014): 34-36.

Electronic citations covers those resources from websites, electronic databases and other electronic publications found on the web. They're mainly characterized by the inclusion of their URL or web address among the actual citation.

An example of citing an electronic resource is as followed: Doe, J., Dame, G., Doe, H. (2014). Our roles in providing an example article to a web audience, second edition. Example Articles Weekly, 6, 45-47. Retrieved February 18, 2014, from http://www.examplearticlesweekly.org/news/an-example-of-citing.html

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