Literature research papers: how to impress the reader

Making an impression on your reader is important, and it’s an especially sought after skill when it comes to writing research papers. There are a number of ways you can ensure that your research paper makes a positive impression on your reader.

Choosing a Thought Provoking Topic

Your ability to impress your reader begins with the topic you choose. It’s not just the topic, of course, it’s your perspective on it. Although a research paper topic may not seem as exciting as an argumentative essay topic, there are ways you can still surprise and impress your reader with your choice of topics. Choose an aspect of a subject that’s rarely the first one people think of, or choose to write from a different perspective than most people take. Instead of studying the background of the artist who created a famous work, for example, you might investigate the life of the person who modeled for that same work. Taking on a topic from a new point of view will impress your reader right off the bat.

Write an Intriguing Thesis

Your research paper thesis should intrigue your reader. It should be detailed enough that you can defend it with very specific arguments. It should also be slightly unusual; choosing “Shakespeare was an important writer” as the thesis for your research paper on Shakespeare isn’t going to intrigue anyone, unless you have an unusual or intriguing perspective on the subject. If you do, that perspective should be made clear from the start, and it should be part of your thesis statement.

Research Thoroughly

Don’t place all of the weight of your arguments upon a few facts from dubious sources. Use quality sources, and if possible, multiple sources which support each of your arguments.

Address Opposing Ideas

There are controversies even about the driest subjects. Address those sources which refute your thesis, and explain why they are mistaken, wrong, or unreliable as sources. Doing so does several things: it strengthens your own thesis, by showing that opposing ideas don’t stand up to scrutiny, and it also demonstrates that you’ve very thoroughly researched your topic.

Write with Authority

You’ve researched in depth, and taken the time to consider and support your ideas. You’ve refuted the opposition. Don’t undermine your own work by peppering it with weak, watered down statements. Write with confidence! Combined with thorough research on an intriguing topic, and a strong, well supported thesis, your confidence will impress your reader immensely.

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