15 Unique Argument Research Paper Topics For College Students

  1. Women sports should be promoted more
  2. Why are so many sports still dominated by men? What can be done to promote women’s rugby, soccer, and cricket?

  3. Celebrities should endorse health foods
  4. Argue that celebrities should be endorsing health foods instead of unhealthy brands such as fizzy drinks and fast food brands.

  5. People who curse are more honest than people who don’t
  6. Discuss how keeping in one’s frustration shows a lack of honesty in people.

  7. Hospitals should have comedy shows
  8. Make the argument that creating laughter and joy in hospitals is the best way to make people well.

  9. Petulant parents make diligent children
  10. Show how strict, sometimes irascible parents turn their kids into submissive, well-disciplined individuals.

  11. Rock bottom is the best place to be
  12. Persuade your reader that the lowest point of one’s life is the best place to start building themselves up.

  13. No diet works indefinitely
  14. Criticize the diet industry and condemn all diets as futile money-making schemes.

  15. Sex in marketing should be prohibited
  16. Tell your reader about the manipulation and harm caused by over-sexualized adverts.

  17. Pornography should be banned
  18. Convince your reader that pornography is not a valid expression of sexual freedom and that it should be prohibited.

  19. Division in religion is essential
  20. Argue that religious differences are an important part of the world’s diversity.

  21. Tolerance of other cultures will never be completely achieved
  22. Show how racism will never be completely obliterated in our society and in other countries. Talk about ways it will decrease, but never come to a complete end no matter how far we come.

  23. Home schooling should become the norm
  24. Persuade your reader that home schooling is so superior to public schooling, that it should be the norm.

  25. Atheism doesn’t make sense
  26. Show your reader how illogical atheism is and convince him or her to convert to agnosticism instead.

  27. Aborting children with Down syndrome is unethical
  28. Do we have the right to choose to end the life of a child who has Down syndrome? Convince your reader that making this choice is grossly immoral—even if he or she is for against regular abortion.

  29. We need younger politicians
  30. Show your reader that younger politicians will make a positive difference in our political arenas.

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