What Would Be a Good Topic for a Research Paper

It may be difficult to find an original topic for your research paper. If you cannot come up with any interesting ideas, study the following list presented by our partners from UsEssayWriters:

  1. Mining safety measures in the U.S. versus the mining safety measures in Canada.

    A few recent mining accidents in the U.S. resulted in several fatalities, while the ones in Canada didn’t have any casualties. Explain the reasons behind this. How can American mines be upgraded in order to reduce the number of casualties?

  2. Deficit of natural resources.

    Estimate the current level of depletion of the most important natural resources and try to predict what would happen when their sources become exhausted? Is there a way to prevent this?

  3. Why do people need love?

    Determine the psychological reasons that make people seek love and affection in others. Can a person survive without having anyone to love?

  4. Workplace violence.

    Identify the main causes of this phenomenon and suggest some effective policies that will help prevent violence at workplace. Note that not everyone works for companies that care enough to establish these policies. Come up with a list of suggestions for workers that will teach them how to avoid such situations. Explain how to contact authorities to report this form of abuse.

  5. Should there be a maximum wage?

    Explain why the minimum wage is needed and how it’s calculated. Hypothesize what would happen if the maximum wage is established. Is it possible to set a standard maximum for people of different professions?

  6. Religion as a part of culture.

    Analyze the effect of religion on the country’s culture. How multi-religious countries differ in this regard?

  7. History of jazz.

    Write a short overview of this style’s development. Pay special attention to the effect of jazz on society at different times. Study the popularity of jazz clubs today.

  8. Muslim Americans today.

    Explain how the lives of Muslim Americans changed after September 11, 2001. Is it possible that aggression and discrimination push more young people to become terrorists?

  9. Are online classes better than traditional studying?

    List the pros and cons of both education systems. Try to predict whether it’s possible for online classes to replace traditional schools. How will this affect society as whole?

  10. Dangers of using cellphones while behind the wheel.

    Focus this paper on the global effects of traffic accidents that happen due to a driver’s negligence. How many people become victims of this type of accidents? How does this impact society as a whole?

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