3 Main Pointers of a Good Research Paper Topic


When choosing a research paper topic, keep in mind that your topic determines how much work you are going to do, and how easy it is to write about something versus how easy it is to learn about it. Most of the work for your paper is going to be in the research, so making your research easy will help make writing your paper less confusing. Therefore, you are going to want to keep a couple of things in mind when you are selecting your topic, and you will want to think not just with the things you are super familiar with, but topics that are going to be possible to write about.

Available materials

A big part of how your research is going to go is going to be how much research there is done on your topic and what valuable sources you are going to find. For this, you want a topic that everyone is at least aware of. You also want something specific to you, but this should be a fresh taste on a topic that has been under discussion for some time. If you do not follow this advice, you risk not finding enough sources to talk about your topic with.

Depth of discussion

When looking for a research topic for your paper, you are going to want to choose a topic with some depth this gives you room to discuss and form ideas on your topic. If the question you are asking can be adequately answered in five words or less, then why are you bothering to write a research topic in the first place. On the other side, make sure you topic is not overly complicated to your audience or even yourself. Explaining higher-level mathematics and complex quantum theory might not be useful for an English paper, for example, because to acquaint your audience with your topic will take up too much effort.


Finally, you are going to want a topic that you can make relevant to your audience. This is important because you want to get your reader somewhat invested, so picking something too esoteric or academic and not of interest to the class or people you are writing for is a recipe for a boring paper. Instead, think of what things you and the people around you care about, even if you are not quite impassioned. This will help you write something that grabs the reader’s attention.

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