Generating Term Paper Ideas

To generate term paper ideas, there are several things to consider. Even though there are different ways you will come across your topic, the process of writing is the same. You will also tackle your page largely with research. Let’s get into the two main methods of coming up with ideas:

  • Instructor issuing topics for your report.
  • Hunting the topic.
  • Brainstorming

Instructor Issued Topics

When the instructor hands you an assignment to tackle, you know exactly what you have to do. This includes topics for an essay. This means there’s no actual need to generate ideas for your term paper. Actually, you could simply look at your text book, look for the chapter containing your topic and check into the subtitles under that topic. These subtitles make the chapter more digestible for the student.

Hunting the Topic

This is what you’ll do most of the time. You’ll need to sift through a lot of information on the topic to find subtopics to touch on. It can be daunting, but once you extract just the subtopics, you’re good to go for the rest of the essay writing process. How to get through this path in finding the topic and subtopics?


Everything comes back to research. It doesn’t matter your level skill at research, a decent level will get you through this area of the essay writing process. When your topic is almost as broad as the subject it belongs to, you’ll need research to better extract and narrow it to a few key points or subtopics. You’ll have to read and take notes, but this is a given when it comes to doing essays as you’ll revisit this step.


You can brainstorm with your fellow classmates in coming up with term paper ideas. Chances are that several students will end up with the same topic and maybe even the same subtopics, so it doesn’t matter if some of you have the same thing. It would be nice if you didn’t share the same topics in your term paper, but as long your term papers aren’t identical word for word, it’ll be fine. Besides, some topics and subjects will allow for only so much. It really all depends on your field of study, if the essay is for a class in your field of study, and so on.

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